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Roberto Viola

Director General
European Commission, DG CONNECT
  • Roberto Viola

    Roberto Viola is Director General of DG CONNECT (Directorate General of Communication, Networks, Content and Technology) at the European Commission. He was the Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT, European Commission from 2012 to 2015.

    Roberto Viola served as Chairman of the European Radio Spectrum Policy group (RSPG) from 2012 to 2013, as Deputy Chairman in 2011 and Chairman in 2010. He was member of the BEREC Board (Body of European Telecom Regulators), and Chairman of the European Regulatory Group (ERG).
    He held the position of Secretary General in charge of managing AGCOM, from 2005 to 2012. Prior to this, he served as Director of Regulation Department and Technical Director in AGCOM from 1999 to 2004.

    From 1985-1999 he served in various positions including as Head of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Satellite Services at the European Space Agency (ESA ).

    Roberto Viola holds a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

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Anni Sinnemäki

Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment
City of Helsinki
  • Anni Sinnemäki

    The Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki's division consist of the following fields:

    • Land use and city structure
    • Buildings and public areas
    • Services and permits

    The Deputy Mayor serves as the chairperson of the Urban Environment committee and is a member of the City Board.

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Filipe Araújo

Vice-Mayor for Innovation and Environment
City of Porto
  • Filipe Araújo

    Filipe Araújo is Porto’s Vice-Mayor and City Councillor for Innovation and Environment, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AdePorto (Porto’s Energy Agency), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Porto Digital Association (supports the Porto City Council in the development of e-government projects and online services), board member of LIPOR – Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto, Vice-Chair of Eurocities Environment Forum, advisory board member of Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications, and advisory board member of MIL (Media Innovation Labs) of Porto University.

    He has a degree in Electrical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) and holds a M.Sc. in Telecommunications (UMIST – University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, UK). He was a guest Professor at the Faculty of Science of University of Porto, between 2007 and 2011 and a Municipal Deputy of Porto between 2005 and 2009. Other relevant executive functions include Service Manager in a telecommunication company and board member of the Youth Foundation.

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Olli Voutilainen

Senior Officer
Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Ann Fournier

Head of Procurement
Digipolis Antwerp (City of Antwerp)
  • Ann Fournier

    Ann Fournier (female) has a master degree in Electromechanical Engineering (option production) (Antwerp, 1991). From 1991 till 1994, she was researcher on the Antwerp High School of Engineering. From 1994 till 2000 she was process engineer at Siemens Atea of the production department in the domain of SMD production lines. From 2000 till 2005 she was lead procurer of mobile equipment responsible for Benelux and Germany and OTN systems at Siemens nv. From 2005 she coordinates the purchasing department of Digipolis. She is also responsible for Facility management, the internal sales department and the education department of Digipolis aiming e-inclusion. Since 2016 she is officer of the innovative procurement squad at Digipolis whre she sets out the new visions and procurement trajectories at Digipolis.

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Alexander Ntoko

Chief, Operations and Planning Department, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
  • Alexander Ntoko

    Alexander Ntoko is the Chief of the Operations and Planning Department in ITU where he plays a critical role in crafting and executing the strategic movements of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). He directs the strategy and implementation of IT solutions based on IoT technologies, big data, AI techniques and other emerging technologies. He coordinates all ITU activities on the Digital Object Architecture (DOA) and represents ITU in ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). Prior to taking up his current position, he was Head of ITU Corporate Strategy where his responsibilities included ensuring organisation-wide consensus and support for the development, implementation and evaluation of the ITU Strategic Plan. He assisted and advised the ITU Secretary-General in policies and strategies and was responsible for the coordination of ITU activities in many areas including Internet and cybersecurity. He has organized and spoken at many international events on a wide range of global ICT-related technologies, policy and strategies and has written papers on technology strategies for Internet, ICTs and cybersecurity. As an ITU official, he has travelled to about 100 countries and has developed a broad perspective of ICT policies and strategies. He played key role in the introduction of Internet and Cybersecurity to ITU. He has managed the implementation of projects on Internet, ICT applications (e.g., e-health, e-government, e-agriculture, e-education, e-payment and e-business) and cyber security including the use of advanced security technologies (biometric authentication and Public Key Infrastructure) in developing countries from all regions of the world. He obtained Bachelors (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees in Computer Science from the State University of New York.

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Bart Rosseau

Chief Data Officer
City of Ghent
  • Bart Rosseau

    Bart Rosseau is Chief Data Officer at the Belgian City of Ghent and is also chairing the working group on data of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum. With a background in political sciences, he has been working on data and smart city technology in the public administration for over 20 years.

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Dorthe Nielsen

Policy Director
  • Dorthe Nielsen

    Dorthe Nielsen, policy director at EUROCITIES, is responsible for the overall coordination and delivery of outcomes of the policy work in EUROCITIES. She focuses on sustainable urban mobility, green and smarter cities. She is also in charge of governance related matters, including the urban agenda for the EU and creative citizenship. She previously worked for the Greater London Authority (EU office) and at the Secretariat General of the European Commission. She holds a master degree from the College of Europe (BE) in European politics and a master degree in public administration from the University of Roskilde (DK). A Danish national, she is fluent in English and French.

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Christophe Colinet

Smart City Project Manager
City of Bordeaux
Christophe Colinet
  • Christophe Colinet

    Christophe COLINET joined the City of Bordeaux in 2005 as head of operational maintenance for infrastructure City's servers before creating, in 2008, a new R&D service dedicated to innovative technical solutions adapted to the context of the City's information system, and then in 2012 to take over the digital territory management.

    Since January 2016, teams in charge of digital activities within the City of Bordeaux and the Bordeaux Urban Community merged into a single branch in charge of digital for Bordeaux metropole.

    Christophe became the Smart City project manager for this new directorate, coordinating European projects and more specifically “Sharing Cities”, a 2015 H2020 SCC1 lighthouse project, for the metropolis.

    Otherwise, since 2013, Christophe is the Bordeaux representative within the Eurocities KSF forum. Since the beginning of 2016, he chairs the “Standards and interoperability working group” for this forum.

    He is the EG4U secretary (EG4U: The European non-governmental organisation (NGO) of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Users). This NGO, dedicated to energy management & waste monitoring, has been created early December, 2015, by ICT(Information & communications technologies) users, members of ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG) called Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU), based in Sophia Antipolis (France)

    Since the 9th June 2016, he chairs an ETSI ATTM SDMC (Sustainable Digital Multiservice for Cities) working group dedicated to provide technical specifications for the industry in accordance with city’s needs. He is also vice chairman of the ETSI Industry Specification Group for Context Information Management, member of the H2020 CS3 Espresso advisory board and member of the standards work package in the H2020 IoT Large Scale Pilot called Synchronicity.

    Before arriving in the city of Bordeaux, Christophe spent five years as an entrepreneur in an IT company of 5 people, then another five years as technical director of the Novenci Western society, SSII of 150 people located in the south of France and specialized in technical infrastructures integration for SMEs. He began his career as an engineer at Hewlett Packard presales.

    He has an engineering degree issued by the E.S.E.O (Upper Electronics School from West) in Angers (France).

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Piia Karjalainen

Senior Manager
  • Piia Karjalainen

    Piia Karjalainen is currently working as Senior Manager for MaaS Alliance at ERTICO. She is based in Brussels. Previously she has been working for the European Parliament and the Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications. She has been working her whole career in different positions related to transport mainly with transport strategies, ITS, Mobility as a Service, policymaking and EU regulation She holds a Master of Science in Economics.

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Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Program Director, Internet of Things
Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts
    Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts (MA in New Media) works as a Program Director leading teams working on Forum Virium’s new IoT projects mySMARTLife and SynchroniCity as well as teams boosting data-driven business through the Six City Strategy’s Open Data spearhead project. During her years in Forum Virium Hanna has promoted and piloted open interoperable CitySDK APIs, pursuing new means to fuel and sustain third party engagement in city service development. Her list of presentations, hosted sessions and papers covers key international Smart City and Open Data related events. She has previously worked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, digital agency Frantic and Aalto University, providing her with more than 10 years of experience on developing digital services for both public sector and businesses.
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Jen Hawes-Hewitt

Global Cities Lead / Board Member
Accenture / Smarter London
  • Jen Hawes-Hewitt

    Jen Hawes-Hewitt leads Accenture’s work with Local and Combined Authorities in the UKI, and is also part of the leadership team supporting Accenture’s Consulting work with city clients around the world.

    Jen is regarded as an expert in the domain of Smart Cities. With over 13 years of experience as a strategy consultant, she has worked with national and city governments, developers, utilities, telcos, think tanks and non-profits on smart urban initiatives around the world. She has led teams to provide digital masterplans, business casing and value analysis, new service design, governance and operating model definitions and develop strategic roadmaps to clients in Mexico, Malaysia, the Middle East, Denmark and Estonia. She is passionate about the power of data combined with human-centred design to improve public service outcomes. She has helped cities clients to secure both European and Innovate UK Funds to develop their smart city ambitions.

    More recently, Jen has been developing Accenture’s Cities, Communities and Infrastructure practice in the UKI. She is responsible for bringing global best practice to UK clients, understanding the implications of emerging tech to UK cities and councils, and developing relevant thought leadership and industry partnerships. She has delivered multiple digital engagements with West Midlands Combined Authority, supporting their regional digital vision as well as harnessing digital to help tackle homelessness. Jen is an active member on Sadiq Khan’s Smart London Board, helping to develop the Smart London Plan.

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Martin Brynskov

Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • Martin Brynskov

    Martin Brynskov is chair of the global Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC), which encompasses more than 100 cities from 24 countries. OASC is a non-profit association based in Brussels, Belgium, and it aims to develop so-called Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs) for cities and communities. Dr Brynskov is vice-chair of the UN ITU-T Focus Group on Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities (FG-DPM) and chair of the Working Group on Use Cases, Requirements and Applications/Services. Dr Brynskov is also associate professor, PhD, in Interaction Technologies at Aarhus University in Denmark, director of AU Smart Cities and the Centre for Digital Urban Transition, founder and co-director of the Digital Living Research Commons, director of the Digital Design Lab, and fellow at the Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI). Dr Brynskov is coordinator of the European IoT Large Scale Pilot on Smart Cities "SynchroniCity", and the IoT Smart City Experimentation-as-a-Service facility "OrganiCity". Furthermore, he is chair of the Danish Standards Committee on IoT and Smart Cities, founder of the Danish Smart City Network, and a global expert, speaker and advisor on IoT and smart cities with a human-centric focus.

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Ruben Verborgh

Professor / Technology Advocate
Ghent University / Inrupt (Solid)
  • Ruben Verborgh
    Ruben Verborgh is a professor of Semantic Web technology at IDLab, Ghent Universityimec, and a research affiliate at the Decentralized Information Group of CSAIL at MIT. Additionally, he is a technology advocate at Inrupt for the Solid ecosystem of apps that let you keep your own data. He aims to build a more intelligent generation of clients for a decentralized Web at the intersection of Linked Data and hypermedia-driven Web APIs. Through the creation of Linked Data Fragments, he introduced a new paradigm for query execution at Web-scale. He has co-authored two books on Linked Data, and contributed to more than 250 publications for international conferences and journals on Web-related topics.
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Kees van der Klauw

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

Boris van Hoytema

Director / Advisor
Foundation for Public Code / City of Amsterdam
  • Boris van Hoytema

    An entrepreneur and storyteller at heart, Boris van Hoytema likes to solve complex large-scale problems using technology and (broadcast) media.

    He has experience as an editor, innovator, designer and technologist at BBC News and VPRO, running projects to reach new audiences, improve relationships with existing audiences, change production processes and cope with the ever increasing rate of change in technology and media consumption. Aside from this he has been a consulting CTO and advisor for technology and media startups.

    As the founder of New Atoms, a Google DNI funded journalism and technology startup, he experimented with bringing Agile and scalable production methodologies to broadcast media.

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Tanya Suarez

BluSpecs Innovation
  • Tanya Suarez

    Founder of IoT Tribe, an equity-free accelerator that brings start-ups and corporates together to do business. Our current programme, IoT Tribe North is based at the Digital Media Centre, Barnsley, UK, and is supporting 9 IoT start-ups across multiple domains to improve their products, gain market traction and secure investment for growth. IoT Tribe arose from Startup Scaleup, the Startup Europe IoT accelerator which supported 132 startups through hubs in Dublin, Madrid-Cartagena, Vilnius and Zoetermeer.

    A firm believer that there can be no strategy without innovation, I also founded BluSpecs team, a boutique innovation agency with a passion for embracing disruption through market-driven innovation and co-creation across multiple sectors. Engagements have included exploring the potential impact of blockchain technologies, user acceptance of IoT, corporate venturing and defining Internet of Things business models. We are proud partners in the CREATE-IoT consortium, funded by the European Commission to enable the 5 IoT Large Scale Pilots (Smart cities, Active aging, Wearables, Smart farming and Autonomous vehicles) in to find synergies and work together on areas of common interest such as interoperability, data privacy, cybersecurity, ecosystem building and more.

    My work as an evaluator for the European Commission’s SME instrument gives me the opportunity to interact with incredibly talented and passionate innovators from across Europe.

    I also really enjoy moderating innovation panels or speaking at industry events. an I am a member of several Advisory Boards on start-up initiatives and a member of Tech London Advocates and Tech Spain Advocates. I have recently been elected to the board of the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOITI), an industry body set up to promote IoT adoption. I also contribute to TechTarget’s Internet of Things Agenda.

    I have one foot in London, another foot in Madrid and frequently wish I had more feet to spend time across Europe and the world.

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María Poveda Villalón

Postdoctoral Researcher
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / SAREF4Cities
  • María Poveda Villalón

    Dr. María Poveda-Villalón is a postdoctoral researcher at Ontology Engineering Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Her research activities focus on Ontological Engineering, Ontology Evaluation, Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web. Previously she finished her studies in Computer Science (2009) by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and then she moved to study the Artificial Intelligence Research Master finished in 2010 in the same university. She has worked in the context of Spanish research projects as well as in European projects such as ETSI STF for SAREF extensions, VICINITY (H2020-688467), READY4SmartCities (FP7-608711), and NeOn (FP6-027595). She has contributed to the organization of the "Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop" since 2015 edition, the "13th OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop and 5th OWL reasoner evaluation workshop" in 2016, the "Linked Energy Data Vocamp" in 2015 and the "Catching up with ontological engineering: To git-commit and beyond" tutorial at EKAW2018. Finally, she is part of the W3C Web of Things Working Group.

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Seppo Haataja

Director, Smart City Development
Business Tampere
  • Seppo Haataja
    Seppo Haataja is director of Smart City Development at Business Tampere. He currently also heads the Mobility Working Group of the Open & Agile Smart Cities network (OASC). Previously, he headed the economic development program "Open Tampere" of the Finnish City of Tampere and acted as director of OASC from 2015 to 2017. Prior to this, Seppo worked 17 years for Nokia Mobile Phones (NMP) in senior manager R&D roles in various business units. He has established and managed R&D organisations for the Nokia Group as well as EU-level framework program consortia. Seppo has worked also abroad, two years in Cambridge, UK as a R&D site manager, and a year in Toronto, Canada, as a visiting researcher. Before Seppo engaged with Nokia, he was researcher at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).
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Elena Simperl

Project Coordinator
  • Elena Simperl

    Elena Simperl is Professor of computer science at the University of Southampton and director of the Southampton Data Science Academy. Before joining Southampton in 2012, she was assistant professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany (2010-12) and vice-director of the Semantic Technologies Institute (STI) Innsbruck, Austria (2007-10). She has contributed to more than 20 research projects, often as principal investigator or project lead. Currently she is the PI of three grants: the EU-funded Data Pitch, which supports SMEs to innovate with data, the EU-funded QROWD, which uses crowd and artificial intelligence to improve smart transportation systems, and the EPSRC-funded Data Stories, which works on methods and tools to make data more engaging. She authored more than 100 papers in semantic technologies, linked data, social computing and crowdsourcing and was programme/general chair of the European and International Semantic Web Conference and of the European Data Forum.

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Sébastien Ziegler

Mandat International
  • Sébastien Ziegler

    Dr Sébastien Ziegler is a founder and the Director general of Mandat International. He serves as President of the IoT Forum and IoT Lab, as Vice Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Subcommittee on the IoT, and as Rapporteur on Emerging Technologies for the IoT and for smart cities at the ITU (SG20).

    Sébastien has a PhD in Management with a specialisation in Information Systems at the Faculty of Economy and Management of the University of Geneva. He graduated in International Relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, followed by a Master in Environment, a MBA in international administration (HEC Geneva), and complementary executive courses at Harvard Business School in Boston, Stanford University, UC Berkeley and EPFL.

    He is an expert in data protection accredited for EuroPrivacy, EuroPriSe and ISO 27001 certifications. Sébastien founded several foundations, organisations and companies, and he initiated several international research projects in the area of ICT, with a focus on the Internet of Things, IPv6, and privacy. He is currently coordinating and associated to several ongoing European research projects and is co-directing the Master in Advanced Studies on the Internet of Things at the University of Geneva.

    With a multi-disciplinary academic profile, combining international law, science, and economics, he is a relentless promoter of research, innovation and international cooperation.

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Martino Maggio

Senior Researcher
  • Martino Maggio

    Martino Maggio is a senior researcher and project manager. He got his Computer Science Engineering Master Degree in July 2005 from University of Palermo and in the same year he started to work as a researcher in Engineering Ingegneria Informatica R&D laboratory. He is part of the Open Public Service Innovation research group, working on Smart City domain and defining new paradigms for public services. In the last 10 years he participated in several European research projects as technical manager and work package coordinator. At present he is involved in "SynchroniCity", a Horizon 2020 IoT Large Scale Pilot on Smart Cities, where he is leading the design and implementation of the technical architecture.

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Dr. Eunah Kim

Head of Research and Development
Device Gateway SA & UDG Alliance
Dr. Eunah Kim
  • Dr. Eunah Kim
    Dr. Eunsook Eunah Kim is a Head of Research and Development both in Device Gateway SA and in UDG Alliance in Switzerland, an IoT interoperability solution provider and its supporting alliance. She also has been serving European Commission as an independent expert since 2009 as a role of evaluator and reviewer. In over 20 years in research, she has been working on diverse topics in Smart city, IoT, IoT security and privacy, and 5G for IoT, Future Networks, VoIP, etc. Prior to joining Device Gateway, she worked for Martel GmbH in Switzerland, Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in USA. She was a vice chair of ITU-T SG5 WP3 (ICT & Climate change) from 2009 to 2012 and actively involved in ITU-T SG13, ITU-T JCA-IoT and IETF, where she produced a few international standards. She is the recipient of two Minister Awards from the Korean government: the Standards Winners Award from Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2011 and the Outstanding Contributors Award from the Korean Communication Commission in 2009. She received her M.S and Ph.D in Computer Science from Sookmyung Women´s University in Seoul, Korea.
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Ana Garcia Robles

Secretary General
Big Data Value Association
  • Ana Garcia Robles

    Ana Garcia Robles, Secretary General of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), holds a Masters Degree in Telecommunications Engineering and an International Executive MBA.

    Ana has a strong ICT industrial background in the Telecommunications sector, with over 10 years’ experience in the design, implementation and configuration of large-scale telecom networks and services, and, in the research and techno-economical assessment of new technologies and solutions for large-scale implementation. Ana has specialised in Innovation management and ecosystems, and she has an extensive experience at both local/regional and international level in Open innovation ecosystems, Living Labs, and socio-economic impacts of technology with over 5 years’ experience managing international associations and projects in this area. Ana has participated in multiple research and innovation collaborative projects and programmes in the areas of Smart cities and urban innovation, Open and Big Data, IoT, Open Platforms, Digital social innovation, e-Health, Digital cultural Heritage, ICT for Education, ICT for food, and Intelligent mobility.

    She is speaker in conferences, inventor, and contributor to different research papers and publications in the field of Smart Cities and innovation ecosystems.

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Kai Rannenberg

Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security
Goethe University Frankfurt

Jaana Sinipuro

Program Director
  • Jaana Sinipuro

    Jaana Sinipuro is an experienced ICT professional who works as Project Director responsible for the IHAN® – Human-driven data economy focus area and also sees to the final stages of the Digital Health HUB projects. The aim of Isaacus – the Digital Health HUB is to put Finland’s poorly managed and forgotten data reserves to better use to serve the needs of research, product development and leadership. The new IHAN® project expands the opportunities of data economy to develop a sector-neutral standard for consent-based exchange of information between various operators. Jaana has more than 17 years’ experience in analytics and big data. She has background from management accounting and ICT projects. Her passion is to facilitate dialogues between business and ICT people in data driven world

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Natalie Bertels

Senior Legal Researcher
KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) - imec
  • Natalie Bertels

    Natalie Bertels is a senior legal researcher privacy and data protection. She specializes in new technologies and the development of data-driven services and products. Her research focuses on the data protection challenges of a big data/cloud/IoT/HPC setting and the methodologies and implementation of privacy by design. Currently, she is involved in the PRiSE project (Privacy-by-design Regulation in Software Engineering, internal KUL funding, 2017-2021), working on an integrated (legal-technical) risk assessment methodology and in the imec Smart City initiative City of Things.

    She is the vice-chair of the Policy and Societal Task Force of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA, Before joining CiTiP, Natalie practiced law as an IP and ICT law attorney.

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Luca Bolognini

Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation
  • Luca Bolognini

    Luca Bolognini (1979) is one of Europe’s leading privacy experts. Lawyer and President of the Italian Institute for Privacy and Data Valorisation, founding partner of the international law firm ICT Legal Consulting, with offices in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Amsterdam, and partner law firms in other 19 countries. He teaches privacy and data law in universities and master courses in Italy and overseas, and serves as ethics and privacy advisor for several EU Horizon 2020 research projects on smart cities, Big Data, cybersecurity, privacy and the Internet of Things. Author of many articles for national and international magazines, newspapers and scientific journals, he has published books and essays with Giuffrè (including the best-seller volume “Il Regolamento Privacy Europeo”, the first Italian commentary on the GDPR), RCS Etas, Corriere della Sera, Rubbettino and Springer. A new Luca’s book has been published during summer 2018: “A.I. Artificial Insanity – Reflections on the resilience of human intelligence”, a pamphlet about digital rights, Big Data law and impacts of Artificial Intelligence on human lives.

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Miimu Airaksinen

CEO and Managing Director
Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL)
Miimu Airaksinen
  • Miimu Airaksinen
    Dr. Miimu Airaksinen works as CEO and Managing Director at RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers. Before she joined RIL she worked over 10 years as a research professor in Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT. She is currently active in European Innovation Platform for Smart Cities and Communities. She is board member of CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction) and she leads a CIB task group for smart cities. She was also nominated to UN habitat policy advisor for group 9 focusing on smart cities. Airaksinen is also working as a domain expert in European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, COST, Transport and Urban Development.
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Rick Schager

ICT Architect Digital Innovation
City of Eindhoven
  • Rick Schager
    • Senior blond
    • MSc Managerial Computer Science State University Groningen
    • Connect people and information to technology and processes, and vice versa
    • >20 years technical automation in harbor
    • 3,5 years smart civil servant
    • Local living labs, regional and (inter)national knowledge sharing
    • EU H2020 projects
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Lindsay Frost

Chief Standardisation Engineer / Board member
Lindsay Frost
  • Lindsay Frost

    Chief Standardisation Engineer at NEC Laboratories Europe, chairman of the ETSI ISG CIM group for Context Information Management, board member of ETSI, past board member HGI, past chair positions: HGI Smart Devices, ETSI TISPAN WG5, WFA Mobile Convergence group. Lindsay Frost has a Ph.D in molecular physics, a strong interest in medical engineering and a passion for promoting better use of standards for Smart Cities and communities.

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Mika Rantakokko

Liaison Manager / Coordinator
BusinessOulo / Digital Transition Partnership
Mika Rantakokko

Gavin Summerson

City Standards Lead
Future Cities Catapult

Thomas Gilbert

Senior Software / ICT Specialist
Alexandra Instituttet
  • Thomas Gilbert
    Thomas Gilbert is a Senior Software/ICT Engineer in the Data Science and Engineering Lab at the Alexandra Institute, working with IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. Thomas is a board member of the Danish IoT Forum and the co-chairs the IT council of the Danish Society of Engineers in Jutland. Thomas has a strong background working with IT in the industry but has for the past three years at the Alexandra Institute focused on IoT research and bringing research results and innovation to business. Thomas has worked on several FP7 projects, and has through them worked actively in the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things. Currently Thomas is leading the Alexandra Institutes efforts on a H2020 for Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots and at the same time working to bring IoT technology into the hands of SME’s throughout Denmark.
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Alex Gluhak

Head of Technology (IoT)
Digital Catapult
  • Alex Gluhak
    Dr Alex Gluhak is the Lead Technologist for IoT at Digitial Catapult, where he is responsible for setting the technology directions in the area of IoT and the creation of strategic programmes and their delivery. He has nearly 15 years’ of research experience in academia and industry. Since 2006 he has been working in the area of mobile computing and IoT at companies such as Intel Labs, Ericsson and at the University of Surrey. He completed a Dipl.-Ing.(FH) degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany in 2002 and a PhD degree at the University of Surrey in 2006. Alex has extensive experience in collaborative Research and Innovation (R&I) activities both at a national and European level. Since 2006 he has successfully initiated over 10 large scale R&I projects and testbeds in the area of IoT. He has co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers on IoT related research in application fields such as smart cities, energy and water systems. He has a holistic understanding of IoT systems from devices to cloud, including communications, information processing, data management and application enablement. His current work focuses on lowering barriers for innovation around Low Power Wide Area Networks and establishing common market places for IoT data across heterogeneous IoT platforms.
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Petra Turkama

Research Director
Aalto University
  • Petra Turkama
    Dr. Turkama is an academic management professional with vast international experience in directing and promoting academic institutions, research projects and educational programs in Far East Asia, Middle East and Europe. She is a scholar with broad based multi-disciplinary research experience in ICT innovation, service science, organizational management and policy studies. Prior to joining academia, she was a business Developer with 10+ years industry experience in technology management, marketing and business development in telecommunications industry. Dr. Turkama is an active contributor to international innovation and technology management conferences, publications, committees and boards.
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José Gato

Head of Internet of Everything Lab
José Gato
  • José Gato

    Jose Gato Luis has a Master Degree in Computers Engineering with more than ten years of experience in ICT sector in the fields of software development, OpenSource, and innovative technologies. Currently he is working as Head of Internet of Everything Lab in Atos Research & Innovation (ARI), leading technical responsibilities in multiple IoT research project about: integration & interoperability, security, data gathering, and recently, about ML technologies applied to IoT. He has also previous experience managing research European and National projects based on open source, mobile technologies, social networks, augmented reality, data mining and semantic, logistics and transport. In addition, he has been teaching in a Master Degree of the University Rey Juan Carlos about open source software technologies.

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Tamas Erkelens

Programme Manager Data Innovation
City of Amsterdam
Tamas Erkelens

Nuria de Lama Sanchez

European Programs Manager / Vice-Secretary General
Atos / BDVA
Nuria de Lama Sanchez
  • Nuria de Lama Sanchez

    Nuria de Lama studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has been working for more than 17 years in Research & Innovation in different IT environments. After several years managing the department of International projects in an SME specialized in wireless and mobile technologies, she joined Atos in 2005, where she first led a Research Unit on Rural and Industrial development. In 2006 she was appointed Head of the Research unit on Semantics, Software and Service Engineering and since 2010 she is Representative of Atos Research and Innovation to the European Commission and European Programs Manager. She is formal representative of Atos in the European Technology Platform on Software and Services (NESSI), the CELTIC Plus Eureka program, member of the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) and Vice-Secretary General of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA). In this context she is especially focused in bridging the supply and demand and in particular in the agrifood domain.

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Paul Wilson

Chief Marketing Officer
TM Forum
  • Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson is responsible for Partnerships, Research and Marketing at TM Forum, the industry association driving digital business transformation with 850 member companies that together generate US$2 trillion in revenue and serve five billion customers across 180 countries. Paul is one of three Founders of the UK5G Innovation Network which works alongside the UK Government’s extensive 5G Testbeds and Trials programme and prior to this founded Bristol Is Open a city-scale R&D digital testbed. Previously Paul worked at Fortune 500 SunGard for fifteen years, during which time the business grew from $2.8bn to $5bn, Paul became Chief Marketing Officer of SunGard’s biggest business group - $3bn Financial Systems. Paul has an MBA from Cass Business School and Political Science degree from the University of Birmingham, UK. He is married with two children, lives in Bristol, and has previously lived in London, Geneva, New York and Hong Kong.

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Anna Day

Relations Manager
Urban Foresight / The MILL Dundee
  • Anna Day

    Anna Day is Partnerships Manager for Urban Foresight, based in Dundee. Anna has a background in communications and was recently the Manager of the UNESCO City of Design designation for Dundee, working internationally to make cities better places to live. Urban Foresight run, with Dundee City Council, The MILL, which is an international innovation centre, making Dundee a space for companies to come and test exciting new transport and technology services. These innovations will connect people, places, services and data to each other.

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Bob Jones

Head of CERN openlab project
  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones is a senior member of the scientific staff at CERN ( )and a leader of the Helix Nebula initiative (, a public private partnership to explore the use of commercial cloud services for big data science applications. He is the coordinator for the HNSciCloud Horizon 2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement project ( which is procuring innovative cloud services to establish a cloud platform for the European research community and contributing the European Open Science Cloud ( His experience in the distributed computing arena includes mandates as the technical director and then project director of the EGEE projects (2004-2010) which led to the creation of EGI (


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Dr Monique Calisti

Chief Executive Officer
Martel Innovate
  • Dr Monique Calisti

    Entrepreneur and ICT professional featuring a digital soul and consolidated hands-on experience in R&D innovation management and funding, technical & strategic consulting, communication and dissemination, social media marketing, as well as business development for innovative software solutions and products across several industry segments.

    Dr. Monique Calisti is specialized in European Commission funding, as well as national and international grant programmes and support to innovative SMEs and Startups, with extensive domain knowledge in Next Generation Internet technologies, Digital Social Innovation, IoT, Smart Cities, 5G / wireless technologies, large-scale experimentation, Multi-Agent Systems.

    Dr. Calisti was recently appointed Communication Officer of the IoT-LSP Activity Group 8 (AG08) that coordinates communication and marketing activities across the whole programme and she is the Director of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) Outreach Office.

    Before joining Martel in 2010 as Senior Consultant and Project Manager, she worked for Whitestein Technologies as Vice President of R&D delivering extensive input to strategic business planning, development and organization Monique holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland, and a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy.

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Vasileios Tsanidis

Policy Officer
European Commission, DG CNECT
  • Vasileios Tsanidis

    Vassilis Tsanidis is policy officer at the Digital Innovation and Blockchain Unit of the Digital Single Market Directorate, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT), European Commission. The Unit elaborates initiatives to support digital innovation and growth across European policies and programmes. His dossier is Innovation Procurement, namely Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI). In this function he has been involved in the development of policies that are promoting, supporting and mainstreaming Innovation Procurement as an instrument that helps the modernization of public services with innovative or breakthrough solutions. He is also involved in the management of EU funded Innovation Procurement related programs and projects. He is lawyer that holds a PhD and a Master & Degree in European Business Law.

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Hugo Goncalves

Project Development Manager
Forum Virium Helsinki
Hugo Goncalves

Mika Rantakokko

Liaison Manager / Coordinator
Oulu / Digital Transition Partnership
Mika Rantakokko
  • Mika Rantakokko

    Mika Rantakokko is one of the coordinators of EU Urban Agenda Digital Transition Partnership ( Before this he has been working among other things as a coordinator of the innovation collaboration network consisting of Finland’s six biggest cities. Mika has a long and broad experience in the fields of innovation, business, regional development, digitalisation and future internet research among other things from European Commission, Nordic countries collaboration and from private sector. Mika is among other things a member of the EU’s Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG), which unites industrial groups, academia, governments, and private individuals to support policies for open innovation at the European Commission.

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Stijn Vernaillen

Project Manager Mobility Data
City of Antwerp
  • Stijn Vernaillen
    Stijn Vernaillen has always been passionate about city life and mobility. He graduated as a product designer at the University of Antwerp and worked in packaging design, mechanical design and logistical optimalization before switching to mobility research at VITO. There he worked on sustainable mobility and smart grids. His passion for making resulted in an attempt to setup a big cocreation makerspace in Antwerp and a yearlong experience in fixing bicycles. Now he works for the City of Antwerp/Smart Ways to Antwerp on Mobility-as-a-Service and mobility data. His ultimate goal is to help shape the mobility puzzle making sure sustainability and user experience are at the center of it all.
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Laurent Mezzini

Director City Flow & Energy solutions
Laurent Mezzini

Susie Ruston McAleer

Managing Director
  • Susie Ruston McAleer

    Susie Ruston McAleer is an accomplished digital practitioner with over 15 years’ experience helping public administrations across the globe harness the transformational power of technology. A founding partner of 21c consultancy, Susie regularly works with international organisations including the United Nations as an expert eGovernment consultant and evaluator. Her portfolio of global clients includes the governments of Great Britain, Belgium, UAE, Bahrain and India as well as multiple pan-European cities and regions. Since 2007, Susie has helped to pioneer the European Commission’s Smart City agenda, conceptualising and delivering a wide array of cloud and data-based innovation initiatives. Susie is currently working on PoliVisu, a project which embeds big data into mobility policy making and SELECT for Cities which stimulates the development of Internet-of-Everything platforms through new Pre-Commercial Procurement processes.

    Throughout the years, Susie has written and edited numerous specialist papers and journals, including a United Nations and Council of Europe book on eParticipation. She regularly serves on national eGovernment awards juries, including the UK and Oman, is on the organising committee of a wide array of international conferences. Susie is regularly asked to review Country-wide strategies on eGovernment best practice, most recently for the UAE, December 2018.

    Prior to co-founding 21c, Susie was an expert with Accenture where she helped to champion data standards, eParticipation and engagement across Europe and Asia.

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Ville Valovirta

Senior Scientist and Innovation Procurement Expert
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland
Ville Valovirta

Omar Elloumi

Leads M2M and IoT application standards
Nokia Bell Labs
Omar Elloumi
  • Omar Elloumi

    Dr. Omar Elloumi leads oneM2M technical plenary, a partnership project chartered to advance interoperability standards for consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT. He joined Nokia in 1999 and held several positions including research, strategy and system architecture. He is currently with Nokia Bell-Labs and CTO group where he is responsible for standards and system architectures for IoT. Dr Elloumi is coeditor of books on M2M communications and Internet of Things published by Wiley and ETSI.

    He is also involved in program committees of several international conferences and magazines on M2M and IoT.

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Laura Peacock

Innovation Hub Manager
Oxfordshire County Council
Laura Peacock
  • Laura Peacock

    Laura has been essential in leading development of an innovation service in the council and has the best can do attitude you will see in any council.

    Over the past three years she has developed into a true leader inspiring a new team delivering innovation and building external partnerships across sectors.

    Over that time the council has built up a leading reputation in tech areas like CAV, MaaS and new approach to data and analytics for transport. New digital transport services for customers have been delivered along with 10 innovate UK projects delivered or being delivered in cutting edge technology, such as DRIVEN AV fleet, One Transport Data market place, Cities 4 people, Catch digital travel planning, MultiCAV AV Pod as part of MaaS, V2G EVs as part of energy supply, are just some.

    This has enabled OCC to have one of the largest Innovation services in the UK in Local Government and at no extra core funding cost.

    More recently Laura has been our lead in developing the service beyond transport and environment to other services, delivering a pioneering project with partners and Amazon to test use of Echo Shows for adult social home care provision and an analytics platform approach for care delivery.

    Laura is inspirational and full of enthusiasm without her leading much of our work we would, I’m sure, not be half as successful as we have been.

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Iztok Šušteršič

Research Group Leader
InnoRenew CoE
  • Iztok Šušteršič

    Dr. Iztok Šušteršič is the research group leader in sustainable building with renewable materials at the centre of excellence InnoRenew CoE.

    For the past decade, he has been working in both academic research at the University of Ljubljana, as well as in private engineering practice CBD d.o.o. During this period, he led over 200 building projects and worked on or coordinated 8 national and international research projects dealing with timber and hybrid timber structures, new adhesives and seismic analysis. With his colleagues from the design office he received awards for special achievements in timber building design. He was a guest researcher at the MPA Otto Graf institute in Stuttgart and IZIIS seismic institute in Skopje.

    Iztok tries to build his research work around more complex problems originating from the engineering sector as well as developing new optimised building products with greater benefit for the users and a lower impact on the environment. He is active in the preparation of new Eurocode standards, member of several COST actions and head of timber structures in the Strategic research-innovation partnerships. He is the author or co-author of over 30 publications, two national and one European patent.

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Tone Stanovnik

  • Tone Stanovnik

    Tone Stanovnik is a co-founder and director of Spica group since 1989. today consist of six companies in Adriatic region with HQ in Slovenija Ljubljana. He is also director of research institute eOBLAK (eCLOUD) focusing into Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and member of Innorenew Center of Excellence.

    He started his entrepreneurial career in the academic period as technician in Radio Student. After he finished his studies he started in Mikrohit the first microcomputer company in Slovenia, where he headed R&D department for AIDC solutions (Automatic Identification and Mobile computing). He is a pioneer in systems based on Automated IDentification KET technologies (Barcode, RFID, biometrics, NFC, BLE, IoT ...). He is strong promoter of Slovenian ICT exports through the ZITex section of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Right now he is responsible for the Strategic breakthrough of Spica in the EMEA market with Time Management and Access Control SW on BIM - Digital Twins platform.
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Zeynep Falay von Flittner

Design Director
  • Zeynep Falay von Flittner

    Zeynep is the design director at Hellon, and has over 15 years of international experience in service design and design leadership. She helps organisations to transform their culture into more human centric-direction and design excellent services. Zeynep is very passionate about designing for sustainability transitions. She has experience working with wide range of clients such as Volkswagen, Bank of Ireland, Kone, Finnish Prime minister's office, Telia

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Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
Nordic Innovation
  • Nina Egeli

    Nina Egeli is Senior Innovation Adviser at Nordic Innovation and heavily involved in the design and implementation of NordicInnovation’s programme on “Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity”. The programme sets out to promote sustainable growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and global competitiveness of Nordic businesses within the field of smart mobility, and is closely linked to the organisation’s initiative on sustainable cities.

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Marcel van Oosterhout

Assistant Executive Director
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics
  • Marcel van Oosterhout

    Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout works as assistant executive director for the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics and as business director for the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business, both part of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Besides working with these two research centres, Marcel is involved in several nationally and EU funded research projects. He is leading the work on business models linked to urban data platforms in the EU SCC01-project RUGGEDISED and participates in several SCC01 task groups.

    Marcel acts as coach to students writing their master thesis Business Information Management. Finally, Marcel is member of the executive board and treasurer in the department of Technology & Operations Management (TOM). In 2010 he finished his dissertation, titled "Business Agility and Information Technology in Service Organizations". The dissertation analyses how organizations can become more agile and how Information Technology can support organizational agility. A spin off "agility scorecard" is under development.

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Claus Mullie

Bax & Company
Claus Mullie
  • Claus Mullie

    Claus is a political economist working at the intersection of cities, technology and geopolitics. His current work includes:

    a) helping cities to collaboratively develop open source software,

    b) developing large infrastructural procurements that are sensitive to CO2 emissions and technical debt,

    c) advising on the role of governance, interoperability and standardisation in developing open and agile digital infrastructure

    To date he has worked with 25+ cities, like Amsterdam, New York, London and Da Nang, as well as with national governments and the European Commission. Fascinated by large-scale complex governance systems, Claus holds an MSc in Urbanisation and Development from the London School of Economics and a BSocSci in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester.

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Bas Boorsma

Managing Director / Founder
Rainmaking Urban / The Academy for Smarter Communities
  • Bas Boorsma

    Having gathered 16 years of experience in the smart city space, having served in various global and regional leadership positions at Cisco for eleven years (2007-2018), Bas Boorsma has joined Rainmaking in order to found Rainmaking Urban. Rainmaking facilitates innovation agendas, venture building and start up accelerators across the world.

    At Rainmaking Urban, Bas leads the efforts in the community digitization space: facilitating smart city innovations, investments, and strategies. Importantly, Bas is spearheading The Academy for Smarter Communities (TASC) in collaboration with a group of anchor cities, which is set to launch publicly in September 2018. Prior to joining Rainmaking, Bas served in various global and regional leadership positions at Cisco (2007 – 2018).

    In his last position he served as Cisco’s Digitization Leader in northern Europe, in which capacity Bas oversaw business development activities relevant to the arena of the Internet of Things, with an emphasis on cities. This encompassed sales, (the management of) thought leadership, innovative reference engagements, new business models and Cisco relationships & investments in partner organizations, incubators and start-ups.

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George Beers

Project Coordinator
IoF2020 / Wageningen University
  • George Beers

    George Beers has a long term career at Wageningen University & Research, in various positions and working fields. With a background as horticultural engineer and a PhD in Management Science, he is specialist on information management in AgriFood sector. He is an experienced manager of large scale research and innovation programs. Since January 2017 he is coordinator of the IoF2020 project which is a large scale pilot on deployment of IoT in the AgriFood sector.

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Ulrich Ahle

FIWARE Foundation
  • Ulrich Ahle

    Before been elected to become the CEO of the FIWARE Foundation headquartered in Berlin Ulrich was Vice President Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation within Consulting and System Integration of the international IT provider Atos in Germany.

    He worked in a range of industries and sectors including Electronics & High Tech as well as Automotive.

    Ulrich is a well known expert in the broad field of IT, Consulting, Industrie 4.0 and Digitization covering the entire spectrum from IT Strategy (Business Models, Organizational Alignment, Service Delivery) to Operations, including Corporate Transactions and Acquisition Integration. He is also a frequently sought after expert for Digital IT Services and the Industrial IT Revolution.

    So how can companies get the best out of their IT for their business? In various C-level events this year Ulrich will present his latest thought leadership and research on the challenges, opportunities and trends in the areas of Industrie 4.0, Smart Cities and Smart AgriFood..

    Specialties: Leadership, IT Services, Consulting, Supply Chain, Global Corporate Transactions, IT Transformation, Organizational Change, Digital Services, Sports (Table Tennis), Good Food and good Wine

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Juanjo Hierro

FIWARE Foundation
  • Juanjo Hierro

    Juanjo Hierro is chairman of the FIWARE Technical Steering Committee and has recently been appointed as CTO of the FIWARE Foundation.

    In his role, he particularly helps the FIWARE OS Community to define and implement the FIWARE platform and FIWARE Lab technical roadmaps. He also helps in establishing the necessary coordination between the different Mission Support Committees established within the FIWARE Foundation (Acceleration, Mundus and iHubs programmes), including their connection to the TSC. Besides, he works on liaisons with relevant organisations and initiatives, including standardisation bodies, in order to push the adoption of FIWARE at global level.

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Shigehiro Muraki

Leader, Regulatory Reform Team / Head of Administration
World Economic Forum for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan
Shigehiro Muraki
  • Shigehiro Muraki

    Shigehiro is in charge of the Regulatory Reform team focusing on Mobility/Healthcare/Smart Cities, and the operation team at the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan (C4IR Japan) since the founding of the organisation in July 2018.

    Before joining C4IR Japan, he managed private equity portfolio companies and Japanese subsidiaries of international brands, both in the turnaround phase and startup phase in Revamp Corporation. Shigehiro started his career in Mitsubishi Corporation, as an investment professional in the mining resource industry.

    Shigehiro earned his B.A. in law from the University of Tokyo.

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Silvana Muscella

Coordinator / CEO / Trust-IT
  • Silvana Muscella

    Silvana Muscella CEO & founder of Trust-IT Services, an SME that communicates ICT to international markets & CEO & cofounder of the software house that delivers customised web-based solutions & Digital Processes called COMMpla. Silvana tackles high level strategy building, business acquisition, coordination & strategic marketing and communication developments namely in the field of ICT in standards, energy efficiency, next generation internet, cybersecurity & cloud computing tools & services. Chair of High-Level Expert Group 2nd HLEG EOSC European Open Science Cloud [2017-2018].

    Since 2003 she has been regularly engaged by the European Commission (DG Connect and DG Research & Innovation), Research Executive Agency as an Expert Evaluator, Reviewer and Rapporteur to evaluation and assessment panels.

    Served as coordinator of some major EU projects that have impacted efforts around ICT standards and distributed computing whilst coordinating contributions from standards groups including & played an instrumental role in connecting stakeholders & SDOs: OASIS, OGF, ETSI, DMTF, SNIA, IEEE, ITU & was co-author of the SIENA Roadmap. Contributed both to the EC’s Cloud Expert Group Roadmap on future research priorities & the ETSI Cloud Standards Coordination and has authored papers around cloud computing interoperability and standards. Currently runs the initiative showcasing ICT methodologies & help intensive ICT companies becoming smarter on making energy savings.

    Individual Member of The Green Grid, Member of ECSO, the IEEE InterCloud Computing Initiative, ACM Professional Member. Served as an at-large Director for the OGF, Founder of the Cloudscape Workshop series since 2010 now self-sustainable in Brazil. Active role in EU-Brazil policy dialogue.

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Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

  • Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

    Nikolas Thomopoulos is Chair of the WISE-ACT COST Action (Wider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected Transport) which includes 150 academics and practitioners from 41 countries. He is the co-editor of two books about ICT for transport and autonomous vehicles, has hosted several international workshops on related topics, has been a Technical Programme Committee member of international conferences and has contributed in FP6, FP7, H2020 European and global research projects such as the New Climate Economy. Previously he was the Chair of a RSA research network on using ICT to facilitate smart and green regional growth. His research interests include transport innovation management, socio-economic assessment in transport, business strategy and project evaluation. Above all, he is a keen advocate of the strength of collaborative research and innovation.

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Fidel Santiago

Project Officer
ISA² Programme, European Commission
  • Fidel Santiago

    Programme manager in the European Commission - Interoperability solutions for public administrations.

    As such, he participates in the definition, development and implementation of policies and actions under the ISA2 programme. Previously he has worked in the European Data Protection Supervisor monitoring technological and legislative developments with an impact on personal data and in the European Commission in the field of cybersecurity. Telecommunication engineer by training, he has completed his advance technological education with a more holistic view of public administration through his professional experience.

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Rodolphe Wouters

Policy Officer, DG GROW
European Commission
Rodolphe Wouters

Dr Martin Serrano

Unit Director
Insight Centre

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