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About CSCC

Connected Smart Cities & Communities (CSCC) is the annual conference organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities. The conference is the place for cities, policy-makers, researchers, and businesses to come together and to connect to the forefront of human-centric societal development of technologies, markets, and policy in the 21st century.

Scale with Us

This year's conference theme "Scale with Us" reflects global initiatives - supported by institutional partners ranging from the European Commission to the G20 - to scale up urban digital solutions for better quality of life on our cities and communities.

In four tracks – GREEN, PEOPLE, ECONOMY and TECH – innovative minds will learn and discuss how open standards and minimal interoperability mechanisms support cities and businesses alike to create an open and global smart city market for data and services based on cities’ needs.

Highlights from CSCC 2019

#CSCC19 was a big success thanks to all speakers, session moderators and attendees. All live recordings, presentations, and conference photos are available for download on


23 January 2020
Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC)

The EGG Brussels, Rue Bara, Brussels, Belgien

Rue Bara 175
1070 Bruxelles Bruxelles

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