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Get your ticket today to the first and foremost smart city conference of the year.

All tickets include

  • Access to all plenary and parallel sessions on 23 January 

  • Access to networking and expo space "Alura"

  • Light lunch and drinks included



Early Bird



Starting on 16 December 2019





OASC Member Cities


49 €



Non-OASC Cities


99 €



General Admission


149 €



249 €


349 €






Council of Cities Dinner - 22 January 2019

Cities and all other attendees are invited to join the Council of Cities Networking Dinner taking place on the evening before Connected Smart Cities & Communities.



Council of Cities Dinner, 22 January 2020




OASC Member Cities


65 €



General Admission 


125 €



Representatives of European institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, or the European Council, and international institutions, such as the United Nations, receive free access to the Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference on 23 January 2020. For more information, please contact


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